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Deep Conditioning Kit

Deep Conditioning Kit

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Need To rebuild strength and shine ? This kit is exactly what you need. 
Hair can get dried out and damaged from the use of heat styling tools, dyes, chemical straighteners, and exposure to the sun. You may want to restore your hair's moisture and body with our high-quality deep conditioning kit.


Bamboo Sugarcane Shampoo
Formulated with a nourishing blend of minerals and vitamins to strengthen, re-hydrate and boost shine while gently lifting away impurities. Leaves hair clean and manageable, wrapped in a light rain forest breeze.

Marshmallow Melt Mask
Penetrates deep onto the hair, to help restore elasticity, rebuild strength while repairing damages caused by environmental factors, heat stress and chemical colour treatments.

Grapefruit Watermelon  Squeeze
Helps reduce breakage, excessive shedding and dry scalp, and promotes a lustrous and healthy hair growth. Provides everyday hydration for all hair types.