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Skin Care Box + 1 free facial cleansing brush

Skin Care Box + 1 free facial cleansing brush

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Formulated to help clear acne blemishes, pimples, blackheads and whiteheads, and prevent new ones from forming.
This active purifying cleanser thoroughly deep cleanses the skin and remove excess oil & surface impurities to prepare your skin for further treatments.
It tightens the pores, purifies the skin & regulates sebum production.

Your skin never looked so fresh!
Made with Sugarcane papaya extracts , our Mojito Tonic dissolves dead skin cells that lead to blemishes and breakouts, refines the appearance of large pores and gently accelerates cell renewal to reveal a brighter, dewy complexion.
This is a very effective facial toner, especially recommended for greasy and acne prone skin.

The Clarifying Drops Serum will dramatically improve your skin condition.
Our Aloe Vera based peel contains a blend of natural Fruit Enzymes including Pomegranate, Papaya and Pineapple which have been proven to effectively minimise the appearance of wrinkles, age spots and fine lines. They work by loosening the glue-like bonds of the stratum corneum there by gently exfoliating the dead, dull skin cells.


This ultra smoothing cream will unclog the pores and reduce inflammation of accumulated buildup of skin cells on the surface of the skin to help diminish blemishes, breakouts, dark spots and uneven skin tone. 
Once the skin has been exfoliated, you will notice a visual difference in the tone and smoothness of the skin. The follicles are clearer and the skin is softened and hydrated.


This innovative scrub-to-mask formula features natural Coconut and Pineapple Powder to gently exfoliate the skin. Detoxifying Kaolin white Clay and Vitamin C Crystals are a dynamic duo to combat oily and blemish-prone skin types, helping to draw out impurities and imperfections. Free from preservatives due to its natural powder form, the product activates instantly once a small amount of water (or toner) is added, forming a lovely silky-textured paste that glides over the skin.